Don’t you dare…

This is Wallace’s ‘dont you dare face’ it covers a multitude of topics from;Don’t you dare not kiss me in the morning to don’t you dare abandon me again for I nearly starved to death last time…It is irrelevant that he was indeed home alone not only with his pack but his daddy too, or that food and love was in abundance.Infact I think Wallace wasn’t bothered at all in the slightest that I abandoned ship yesterday to join some mad westie ladies at Larafest to try and take over the world one westie at a time. I think he was just disgruntled that we forfeited his sleep in. Thus he is determined to get it today with the time that was stolen from him yesterday added on.For Wallace loves many things; kisses on the nose in the morning being one of them (but he like to keep that a secret) to food, walks are also high up on the list now too as he bounds from strength to strength but by far his most favourite thing is sleep but not any old sleep, on floor or dog bed, no this old chap likes the people’s bed, he likes being snuggled up cosy, right up near me.

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