Security vs toys…

Sometimes Mr 3WD&P takes the dogs to work with him. Mostly this is because the alarms at work are sounding and he needs to do a perimeter check, that being said don’t be fooled into thinking he takes them because they are well trained and disciplined guard dogs – quite the opposite actually – they fail miserably at such things.

No, he takes them because they are gobby wee sods (Willie inparticular.) No burglar or human bean who is up to mischief could never deny that they have not been not caught or sniffed out with the noise the pack make and so inviting the pack around the perimeter is a successful little adventure.

However, there are certain things that must be taken into consideration when attempting to scare everyone off within a two mile radius – toys…

This lot is easily distracted by any such treasures, hidden or abandoned on the school field – and they can sniff them out quicker than they can any burglar (because let’s face it toys are much more interesting.)

This particular perimeter walk did posed such a dilemma, to protect daddy from a possible invasion, or to play. An easy choice really – with only one rule – to make sure Willie doesn’t get it or you’ve lost before you’ve begun. Sharing is not a word in his vocabulary or one that he quite understands.

But what happens when he does catch it and gets it stuck on his head?

You abandon ship and run for the hills obviously because this boy is gonna ‘ave it and kill it’…


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