Girls just wanna have fun…

I love the girls (Maggie & Ginny) loads but if there is mischief or trouble to be had in the pack it’s always these two.Believe it or not, apart from initial introductions the boys are super laid back – yes, even Lord Willie. They move in each others circles, can sit nicely next to each other and just get on with it. On the odd occasion when there is a grump (which is usually from lord Willie because one of the other boys is touching him) it’s over and done with in a matter of seconds, as they all choose to go to thier own separate corners to sulk.The Girls though…As you can see on the photographs are the best of friends, they eat together, sleep together, play together and stick together like glue. BFFs in every sense of the word. It is adorable to watch but like all besties when it’s great it’s fabulous but when its not – it is really not.Now, there is usually no rhyme or reason to these apparent moments but you cannot mistake it as the barking, growling and prancing about with thier eyes closed playing bitey bingo starts (for did you know dogs bite with thier eyes closed. This is usually why it’s common to be bitten by a dog if you try to intervene between two dogs – the dog doesn’t see you-a useless piece of information but there you go.)Usually when these wars break out they are easily contained with some quick parenting and curfews put in place but unlike the boys the girls do hold a grudge. Yes, for about a hour after such a conflict we have to listen to snorting and grunting while they throw the hackers at each other (again quite funny to watch but nipped in the butt quick.)However, what is not funny is when at 05.30am the girls decide your head is a good thing to have an argument about – seriously my head. Needless to say both girls were punted to the floor (much to thier horror.) Where they had to share the dog bed together.I mean I don’t do mornings on a good day never mind being woke up to a westie arse sitting on my face with its bum hole putting over my eyeball everytime it growls at the Yorkshire Terrier, who is diving all over the bed, prominentely over my very full morning bladder trying to get a right hook in back at the westie and to add more insult to injury, when the alarm did go off and I had to get up the little sods refused to get up and rolled back over and went back to sleep (together in the dog bed.)🤔🧐🤨

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