I sometimes worry when taken to the car,
About things that happened not too far.
A change as subtle as the seasons,
Leaving me berift in my confusion.I was bundled in a car that fateful day,
That my companion went away.
Into the hospital they went whispering promises heaven sent.It was another car or two that came my way another fateful day, they took me far and followed the stars.I held my head low, my heart beating slow, tired of travelling, never quite retiring. Places to stay but always away. My home was gone, I did not belong.It was a car that took me there, to the place I though would be another sad place. There I lay on my bed and decided it would be days.But days turned to weeks, and weeks into to months. The same fingers ran through my fur and the same voice whispered my name and I no longer felt the same.I lifted my head and straightened my tail as I heard my name. The voice that was calling was not my old friend but filled with the same promise of loving me the same.I sometimes worry when taken to car, worry I am going to be taken far. Away from my family, away from my home, not understanding why I was left alone.Erika Luke-Green 2019We took the gang to the beach. The oldies (Wallace & Bing) fretted a little in the car. It was thier first trip to the beach, a longer car journey than normal.

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