Keep on going…

We are four months in on Maggie’s new regime and we are starting to see little improvements. She has not had to wear a cone or pajamas for several weeks now and she has new fur growing through and the orange tint/stain as her red raw skin is slowly starting to change to a healthy pink colour. Her medical baths are now down to twice a week from every other day too.It has been a learning curve for us all as we have tried to adapt to her allergies and how best to help her. The most part of this has been the change in diet, with a dehydrator being a god send for making treats.The best thing though has been watching her start to play again and act puppy like. She is once again frolicking around and enjoying life – a big difference to the tired, grumpy girl she has been due to her constant itching and chewing twenty four hours a day.It has definitely been worth staying the course and working through her withdrawal from not only the processed food she was on but the medication she had been on for years too.So if you too are starting a similar journey don’t give up, sometimes it gets worse before it gets better but it does get better, I promise.🐾❤️🐾❤️🐾❤️🐾❤️🐾❤️🐾❤️🐾❤️🐾

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