There were five in the bed…

On posting a photograph of the dogs all snoozing on the bed with us we were asked”Where do you fit on the bed?”Shortly after that an advert popped on my timeline for the first t-shirt (picture one) and I could not resist the urgh to depict the struggles of sharing a bed with five terrible terriers for you all.Therefore, if you refer to picture two you will see that the struggle is real…Notice how the husband is Barron and alone on his side of the bed with just the occasional paw diagonally thrust into his kidneys while I am ‘terriered’ in on all sides.Which takes me to the million dollar question – why is it that each night when I am seconds away from heat combustion, sweating away in temperatures close to the suns surface I am still a robust, round shape? Should I not be slender and lean – I mean it’s technically like going to a gym – you work out, sweat and lose weight and trying to get a comfortable spot in-between five dogs is definitely a work out…

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