Maggie, Willie and Ginny love going on adventures and often going out in the car means adventures and they are just as excited about going in the car as they are at going for a walk. Loving the car so much means that going on holiday or visiting family is fairly easy.

However for Wallace and Bing the car is worrisome. Bing becomes can be disorientated due to being blind and frets at the beginning of journeys until he finds his bearings and Wallace?

Well, Wallace is a worry wart at the best of times, having bonded to me very quickly. His confidence relies heavily on whether I am in close proximity and change is not something he particularly likes.

This trip away to Scotland to visit family was our first little family break together and the longest journey we have had in the car with the oldies (apart from the weekend we collected them) that combined with strange surroundings and change in routines we knew would unsettle them but we were pleasantly surprised that they took it in thier stride and settled quite quickly.

When we arrived at our destination Bing scented everywhere he could touch (by rubbing his face on the furniture) – he uses smell to move around spaces safely and other than a few bumps when we first arrived he managed really well. Wallace also coped well, not straying far from my side and other than crying when I left him home (with other family members – not alone, alone.)

But the best thing was the walks. Nobody can deny how beautiful Scotland’s scenery is (and how hilly it can be) but still we managed fine on these walks – slow and steady being our motto. Although, on the last day of our holiday the last hill was one hill too many for Wallace (see middle photograph) but of course he kept back enough energy to get a treat or two afterwards…

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