Today was all about treats, which we think is fair as it has been a hard start to the week (well hard for Wallace anyhow.) Wallace like most old gentlemen has mastered the art of patience, he’s a laid back friendly fellow, loves a snuggle and has a lovely temperament – mostly. I say mostly because like most older gentlemen he can be awkward when he wants to be.To date there has only been a handful of things Wallace dislikes such as; early mornings, rain, cold, mummy going to work and his toes. His toes being his biggest dislike. We learnt this very quickly and had it confirmed by our groomer who tried to trim his nails. This other split personality he hides away for special occasions such as toes and feet gives a likeness of being possessed as he snarls and bumps his gums away.So we have spent many an afternoon stroking, rubbing and massaging his tootsies, getting him used to them being touched. Our confidence grew to such a climax that when Wallace started limping on Monday we laughed in the face of danger – we can do this.No, absolutely not. It was definitely not going to happen. Certainly not in Wallace’s opinion anyway. Wallace had a tight knott of mud and hair in-between his pads that needed removing but he was not going to play along at all.We started off nicely;Have a bit of ham – I’ll check your paw. Snarl.
Look cheese – I’ll check your paw. No. Snarl.
Let’s wait until he’s asleep – Ha! No chance.
Well soak the knot out – not on his life will we.We even got to the point that he would tuck his paws underneath him and sit on them. It was looking like a vet visit and Wallace was more grumpy than ever.So we came to the most sensible decision we could (not!) ‘Hes only got five teeth, we’ll just go for it!’ So I wrapped him in a blanket, Mr 3WD&P cuddled him and I went in with the scissors and…Five minutes later he was knott free and not knott my friend anymore (sorry for the pun) his dislike of me lasted right up until today too – a whole three days he froze me out but it’s nothing some duck treats from the dehydrator and licking the custard bowl out couldn’t fix and full bellies mean lots of 💤💤💤💤💤But I’m so glad we are friends again but he isn’t half stubborn!

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