Back seat drivers…

Everyone is a back seat driver, whether it be to comment on your driving, the choice of music you play or to constantly whine about whether we are there yet…

Meaning as we hit the road to seek an adventure we did not get to enjoy the scenery on route.

Ginny successfully managed to strangle herself with her restraint (while also securely fastening one of Bings paws to her face.)Wallace intermittently sat on Bing as he was tied into place (with three legs) and when Wallace wasn’t sitting on him he was standing on him to look over the back seat so he could (loudly) protest at not being there yet.

Then there was Willie, who was disgruntled at being demoted to the middle seat (from riding shot gun with his daddy) and was making sure everyone but especially me (because I was riding shotgun – in his seat) knew of his unhappiness at this by trying to climb through the middle with no success (due to also being secured in by his harness.)

In actual fact Maggie and Bing (even though he was working on three legs) were the only two who remembered any of the car manners and etiquette.

Thankfully, I am pleased to say the journey back home was less stressful but only because they were all tired and snoring happily – you’ve got to love the the sea air…

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