Tinsel is not his friend…

We are quite lucky here to have a laid back pack. They all fit together well, love a good adventure and take everything in thier stride – which is amazing considering four of our five dogs are rescue dogs, all from very diverse backgrounds.That is not to say at times the rehabilitation has always been a piece of cake – more of a rollercoaster of sorts. They bicker as you would expect siblings to do. They show and teach other all the habits you would rather they didn’t have (like barking like hooligans first thing in the mornings) and meal times can literally turn into a zoo if you don’t keep your wits about you.We go through a ridiculous amount of poop bags, have colour coded collars, harness and leads and delicately balance on an inch of the bed on a night (usually with a paw or tail up against our cheek) but we wouldn’t change it for the world.The oldies came to us earlier this year and I remember thinking as we collected them that we would be lucky if they were still with us at Christmas for they were tired and bone weary at fourteen and fifteen. Since then we’ve had a sixteenth birthday and have had the honour of watching them blossom.We found Bing to be a easy going old chap with a happy demeanour and Wallace a more reserved chap who loves a cuddle – indeed Wallace is rarely impressed with our antics and adventures unless is if of the eating or sleeping variety.And Christmas so far has not impressed him either it seems. Unlike Bing who is happy to participate and quite interested in seeing what’s going on Wallace is preferring to watch (or scowl) from afar – tinsel is not is friend and santa hats are just not funny it seems …🎅🐾🎅🐾🎅🐾🎅🐾🎅🐾🎅🐾🎅🐾🎅

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