Stress Free Christmas…

Most of us who are familiar with westies all know about how strong willed and stubborn they can be and all recognise the affectionate term often used for this streak as “westitude’.So you can probably all relate to the stress of taking the annual Christmas photographs. You of course leave the worse culprit to the end. You hope they will see what fun the others are having and that they will willingly participate but secretly in the depths of your soul know they won’t but you do it anyway.You start with calm and most happy to participate dog (in this case Bing) who is estatic at the thought of spending time ‘doing stuff with you’, even though he’s so excited he’s getting it wrong in his attempt to over compensate. Sit in front of the tree you say, wear this Christmas scarf, wait, wait, stay… No sitting is fine, yes I love you and lying down with your legs in the air is cute but please sit, sit, stay… No don’t clean there right now! Wait, two more seconds – oh that will do – next!Then you decide let’s take a young one (Ginny) and get them out the way (because you’re not stressed enough.) Christmas scarf on, sitting under the Christmas tree done and just as you are about to get the perfect photograph – oooh that looks interesting (turns back to camera and crawls under the tree.) Twenty minutes later you’ve managed to straighten the tree, crossed your fingers and hoped the ten second flash actually caught the nice photograph.Moving you on to dog three (Maggie) who is waiting patiently in line for her photograph and pushes her face happily into the scarf and sits Infront of the tree like a princess without being asked – not because she want to alleviate our stress – no she wants a treat!We sneaked in number four (my dad’s dog Ripley) and awaited for the rumble of thunder and the crashing of the tree – for she is still a baby and sat bolderdashed as she posed like a professional on a cat walk and took her picture first time.Now feeling rather confident you turn around to see who is left and promptly lose your smug expression as you take in the sight before you. Willie promptly licking his bits or Wallace with his back to you in defiance – We choose Willie – he’s closer …We manage to get the scarf over his head but it gets stuck in his mouth before we can arrange it as he’s determined to kill it before it strangles him to death. Then we spend several minutes enforcing the ‘no kill’ command and ‘leave it’ to then place him in the perfect spot, with the perfect lighting – only to find (when we check what should of been his perfect photograph) a lovely photograph of him licking his bits again! At this point Mr 3WD&P has a twitch and I’m rolling swear words out like an advent calendar.Eventually we move onto the last culprit – Wallace. Wallace may be a old codger but what he lacks in youth he makes up for in stubbornness…Come here we cooed – No.Awh look at this we chirped – Nope.Put this on we emplored – Not without a fight said the raised eyebrow.Come sit Infront of the tree we cried – Make me he challenged.So we took a photograph as near to the tree as we could get him, he toyed with our hope staring straight into the eye of the camera too and…Turned away at the last second.Thanks pal but that’ll do boy, that’ll do!🎅 Ho Ho Ho Happy Christmas 🎅

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