Love at first sight…

What can you see in a photograph…Well in this one you can see four dogs, three white ones and one tan but look closer for there is a story in this picture.Willie curled up, tail tucked under and wide awake.Wallace sulking, head lolling down in defeat while the girls sleep high uninterested in what’s going on.So what is going on?Well Willie has had a baff, not being enamored in the first place to this predicament he is further disgruntled because not only does he smell perfumed and clean but it seems Wallace has taken quite a liking to (the now non recognisable Willie) mistaking him for potential new girlfriend material.Thus we have spend most of the evening trying to stop Wallace mounting Willie – much to Willies horror who has counter reacted by keeping his tail tightly between his legs and curing up into the fetal position lol#mustbesomethinginthenewshampoo 🤣😅😂

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