Just 24hrs…

Miss Davies has been with us for a full day and I have to say she is adorable. She is a six year old Yorkshire terrier which I would describe as timid, although we can see little snippets of her character coming out today so we are confident that as she settles she will flourish.She loves her food and really wants to be loved and fussed but just isn’t quite brave enough yet to jump right in but she will come up gently to you to investigate and likes the fuss and cuddles once they begin.She is still very unsure about harnesses, leads and walking. We have not had her out on a walk yet but have had her on a harness and lead for her first visit into the garden. She will sit when you put the harness on and attach the lead and is seemingly oblivious to it until it is pulled taut – her reaction to this is to stop and freeze. This will improve as her confidence grows.Where she is still unsure of humans we have not found the same to be with our dogs. She has fitted in with them happily but she does rely on our dogs and watch them in learning how to act in a home environment and with people – so will need a home with a resident dog.Potty training is going well, we have had the expected accident or two with her being in a strange new environment but she is happy to join our dogs outside in the garden for toilet breaks and has used the puppy pads too today – which we praised her for. We are not concerned about her toilet training.Today has been a day of many firsts, Miss Davies has let me brush and trim the hair around her face and eyes, as well change her jumper. With patience and kindness this little girl will bloom into a wonderful companion.To apply for Miss Davies please contact the rescue directly or visit her profile at;https://www.manytearsrescue.org/display_mtar_dog.php?id=26788

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