By the light of the moon you took my heart…

‘I see the moon the moon sees me
Down through the leaves of the old oak tree
Please let the light that shines on me
Shine on the one I love.’Star gazers.We have only had the pleasure of Bings company for six months following the passing of his elderly owner in hospital. He arrived with his brother (from a different mother) Wallace as end of life fosters, meaning they would live with us as part of the family/pack until thier time.On collecting these old boys (15/16) we were met with two tired, worse for wear dogs, which both had one paw in the grave. We would also silently agree through a single look that Wallace would not be for this world long and Bing would pine away after him.How wrong we were. Bing and Wallace went from strength to strength. Quickly joining in with the pack as they regained health. During this journey and in more recent weeks we saw where Wallace found a youthful step, Bing slowed down. Wallace gained weight and Bing became as light as a feather.Old age was slowly stealing our beloved Bing from us. Bing was the quiet one of the pack, happy to be on the sidelines. He was the one who never left your heel on a walk and was the first to step forward to greet new people. He was the packs calm in a stormy sea, cool, collected and quietly confident. His will be a miss.There is a small grace in having a pack and a greater one that Wallace and Bing are an integral part of the pack. Wallace will not grieve alone for Bing, he will have the pack to grieve with, to cuddle with and to take comfort from.We loved you from the moment we held you Bing and we will forever hold you in the walls of our heart, run free where age cannot hold you, until we meet again.Bing 2005-2019

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