Your dog…

What is that smell Mr 3WD&P bellowed as he entered the house holding his hand firmly over his nose as his eyes began to water. It smells like… oh my god that’s rotten, who is that he accused as he looked about his feet.But no-one was lopping around his ankles or jumping up gleefully to greet him home the hallway was bare with nobody there.Not a soul did he see upon the couch or a tail wag in the kitchen but when he stumbled upon the feather down and coil spring bed there he found three wee heads.Sad and solemn they did look with a bit of worry on thier brow, don’t tell us off, we don’t smell. We were the ones that did as we were told, we didn’t go down any holes!Mr 3WD&P rolled his eyes, the dog that was missing would of course be his guy. So he followed the smell until he heard the commotion.There in the bath was the wild child you see, covered in s**t everywhere you could see. It was up on the ceiling and splashed on the walls, even the missus was up to her ears as Willie ran round taking the biscuit.Right at this point a snigger did come, right out his mouth as he watched all the fun. To which the reply came…”Your dog is a d**k and smells of fox poo and s**t don’t stand there and laugh, get him in the bloody bath!”

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