Edie is a three year old Bichon Frise and was beginning to become lost in the rescue kennels, she is still a little bewildered with this strange new set up called ‘a home’ but that is not surprising considering she only came into foster with us yesterday.

She is a timid wee soul and is a little worry bee and is not quite sure what she is supposed to be doing so follows the direction of the other dogs in the house.

Edie needs a quiet, calm home with a relaxed dog friend to help her. She will let people stroke her and pick her up but sometimes finds things overwhelming and gets a little scared.

However, she is very food orientated and wants to be stroked and touched when the other dogs are being fussed, both these qualities suggest that with time, love and patience Edie can and will adjust given the chance.

If you think you are the one for Edie, click on the link below, she is just waiting for someone to fall in love with.

Edie is in foster in the Northumberland/Newcastle area.


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  1. Aww, another sweet baby, you are so lucky. You also get such great photos of them. You must have lots of patience. Especially with the new ones. All of the pics are wonderful, your experience shines (and talent).


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