Edie – her week in photographs.

At first we were a little bit sad for Edie that her meet and greet had to wait a week due to commitments but I think sometimes things happen for a reason. The extra week here in foster with us has given Edie the opportunity to grow and prove that she is indeed worth loving.

Edie came to us, scared and shutdown. Preferring to sit alone in a room than to sit where the two legs sat (hoomans.) She constantly circled and checked the house making sure nothing had changed and quickly retreated away into the shadows when movement or noise was about.

Edie has sat back watched our resident dogs like a wise old owl, quietly processing the world around her and waited. Her only joy seemed to be her food and the fresh air on her face in the garden.

We did not move mountains in week two compared to some great feats but for Edie the moves she has made has proved what a brave, resilient little girl she is.

She now not only sits in the same room as us but on the same couch (and each day she moves closer for a cuddle.) She goes outside for Potty and will do pretty much anything for food – even taking it directly from your hand. She now gets excited to see you in the morning and when you get in from work (doing zoomies and tail wags galore.) She will relax in your arms for a cuddle (although you need to pick her up and initiate the cuddle) and she really wants to go on walks and her confidence outside on a lead is growing.

Edie just desperately wants to be loved but isn’t sure how to do it yet, she is a finger length away but we have no doubt once this little girl trusts you, she will blossom. Edie is our little hero and we have all our fingers, toes and paws crossed for her meet and greet this weekend.

You can do it baby girl!

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