Brave Boy…

Wallace was such a brave boy today as he had his implant procedure, through a rather large needle in-between his shoulder blades. All the staff were very pleased with him (as he has a tendency to panic and stress at the vets) and he was in and out in thirty minutes – it may of had something to do with the many treats I had in my pockets tha I was intravenously feeding to him mind…

Of course now his daddy is chuckling to himself that he has a dog that has essentially has got a contraceptive implant in his shoulder but if it gives this boy more time it’s a win/win.

So Wallace is rocking a rectangle bald patch with a target spot in the middle and just to keep us on our toes further has let us know he has a heart murmur and isn’t afraid to show it to keep him out of surgery and he is now home, comfortable and walking around under his favourite blankie.

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