The phantoms…

We all know you’ve missed a bit of Willie 🤣😜😂

So here we go – a Willie fix but don’t be fooled by the serene looking photograph of this little boy sitting on his daddies knee as nothing is ever as it seems with this little hooligan…

As you all know Wallace has took up alot of our posts recently due to his ill health (and he’s doing grand by the way) but what you don’t know is Willie has also had a few visits to the vet too.

Oh no! You may be thinking, what is the matter with our beloved Willie and you may then go into a frantic frenzie of worrying like we did.

We have had three vet visits in total with Willie – all for different things, which all have also happened to be under the access price to claim on the insurance by the way (obviously) and all aliments have been around about a Wallace visit. Are you reading between the lines yet – for this is Lord Willie first of his name, king of mischief…

The first was a phantom limp; which was never about at play times and when doling out treats or food 🤔🤔🤔

Next, there was a ‘cough’ also at random times – like when we were worrying that Wallace may need to go to the vet. Which was followed up by ‘I can’t eat my food because I’m so poorly’ phase (because we weren’t buying the cough.)

And lastly the eyes and ear infection – which was actually genuine but by this time we had resorted to eating ‘those’ tins from the back of the cupboard (that were still in date) as we’d spent all this month’s food shopping money on Willies mystery illnesses; that just so happened to be under the amount for an insurance claim and were all about different ailments.

Thanks for that Willie – I know we love you but can we dial down the dramatics a little son 😂😜🤣

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