Bath time…

Well, after bath day today I can confirm little East is as we thought mostly white with pale grey ears and splashed with splodges of grey down her back too.

We can also confirm that the bath water was a lovely murky, multi toned brown puddle after her bath but how did she do with her bath you may ask?

She did wonderfully, East was obviously unsure but once she realised she was safe in our hands she seems to quite like it (enjoy it might be too far) but she certainly seemed to appreciate her mini spa.

It also gave us a chance to have a good look at her coat, East coat at the moment is a little patchy and thin in some places. Which can be common for dogs such as East. We are not worried about this though, her skin is healthy and with time, patience, a good diet, long with some tender loving care this will resolve itself quite quickly.

East is a five year old Shihzu x, she is microchipped, spayed and fully vaccinated. East will need a resident dog to help her adjust and learn.

East is being fostered in the Newcastle/Northumberland area. If you think you could be her special person click on the link below and fill out her application form – she’s waiting for you.

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