Why hello there beautiful…

We have had two special moments with little East (we call her Peggy here.) One is cuddles. East does indeed like a cuddle and fuss, she just doesn’t know how to go about doing it. She has observed and watched our other dogs this past week, quietly processing the interactions we have with them, as well as the enjoyment our dogs seem to have socializing with us.

This has seen East joining in with greetings (although at the back of the pack just incase) but more importantly she is choosing to stand still rather than run away from us when we offer a stroke or cuddle. East will let us pick her up too and cuddle her in, albeit she is a little unsure at first but once she relaxes (which is usually followed up by some professional snoring) she doesn’t move. She is still hand shy with strangers though which is to be expected but what a huge milestone it is to put her trust in us.

In addition to this we have learnt that East is very intrigued with children. Yes, we have had a surprise visit from our grandson (6) and nephews (9 &11) this week) and East just could not help but sniff them out and surprisingly was more confident approaching the children than she is with adults.

This could be because they are smaller or because she has never met children before but it was lovely to watch. That being said I think East would settle better in a home with older children who would be more understanding of her needs, as children are a very new concept for her.

East is a five year old Shihzu x, she is microchipped, spayed and fully vaccinated. East will need a resident dog to help her adjust and learn.

East is being fostered in the Newcastle/Northumberland area. If you think you could be her special person click on the link below and fill out her application form – she’s waiting for you.


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