Leader of the pack…

Like all good packs there is always an alpha and as you have all probably guessed Willie thinks he’s it (or at least trys to pretend it’s him.) It is of course our wee Maggie though and this is something we have always encouraged.

Why you may ask, well because she is the only one suitable in this disfunctional family. I mean let’s face it Willie being the apha would be disastrous because he’s a tool, Ginny is a few sandwiches short of a picnic, Wallace can sleep through an earth quake and well Tilly is so new she is still getting to grips with how to live in a house.

There is of course Pigcat too but he’s too preoccupied stalking his territory from a visiting tomcat and planning his world domination, starting with demoting Willie to lunacy by jumping out at him at every possible opportunity.

So, you see Maggie is the only dog who is any where near being normal enough to lead the pack and generally she does a great job. She corrects Willie when he goes one step too far, sorts out the bickering when they toys come out, makes sure nobody steals the old bean Wallaces treats as he sucks them to death and is always first to greet any visiting foster dogs and help them on their journey to find their forever homes.

That being said she does have her Achilles heel – put a wildlife program on the television and boom she grows horns or worse pull the biscuit barrel out and she leads a revolution to start world domination (as you can see) and her minions are more than happy to follow her lead…

‘Give me a biscuit or eles’

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