I would like to introduce our new foster dog Jemima the westie. Jamima is four years old and a little poppet. She is happy to come up for a sniff and a quick kiss but is still learning about kind hands and two legs. Her bottom is constantly a wagging telling us that this little girl is not only ready to be loved but to love in return.

Jamima doesn’t have the best haircut at the moment (resembling someone who has stuck their paw in a socket) but it is superficial and will grow back and a good olde bath and brush will help, which we will be on once she has settled a little more.

In the house Jamima is doing great, she is a quick learner where toilet training is concerned and follows our dogs out side to toilet (bar one or two accidents from when she first arrived) and this training will need carried on by her adopters.

Once Jamima has settled in her forever home I think training her will be relatively easy as she is very food focused. We have not started her leader training as yet but with time, love and patience I have no doubt Jamima with grow into a fantastic little dog.

Jamima is in foster in Cramlington Northumberland. Please click on the link below to see her profile where there is a link her application form.


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