Sweet as Toffee…

We’ve been naughty, we didn’t get one but two foster dogs on our last run, however I only advertised one.

Firstly, because Toffee (was MT Nessa) was so shut down and scared compared to our other foster dog that we felt she was just not ready.

We also noticed very quickly that when she did begin to engage she would only engage with one person. This in turn made for the start of a beautiful relationship and love Blossomed.

We have had a good few foster dogs over the years both with Many Tears and other rescues and all of them are beautiful and special but every once (or twice) in a while there is one that just looks right into your soul and you just know that their heart belongs to you.

Toffee is part of my soul and will never again know hurt or heart ache – Happy Gotcha Day Toffee and thank you so much Many Tears for this little girl because without you she would not be here with us today xxx

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