I am devastated for this little girl who has now become available again for adoption. Jemima is a lovely little girl who has a constantly wagging tail. She loves being outside in the garden, playing, eating and sleeping (usually right next to you.)

In the morning she is the first one there to dance about at your feet and shower you for kisses as she is just so happy to see you. She gives you a right old woof too if you stroke one of the other dogs more than her!

However, food it her secret weapon. Jamima loves her scran and it not only will be the way to her heart but her training too. Jamima is a fast learner where toilet training is concerned and can go all night without accidents and during the day she is happy to plod on out side for her toilets so we are not worried there at all!

Leader training is still very new. Jamima wears a harness and has not yet decided if she wants to be friends with it yet. Out on walks Jemima is still very overwhelmed with the new smells and sights and being a westie can be a bit stubborn when she has decided she doesn’t want to go a certain way or just doesn’t want to walk anymore (Westietude in its finest) but as her confidence grows she will learn to love her adventures outside of the garden just as much as in the garden.

Jamima is in foster in Cramlington Northumberland for more information or to fill out an application form click on the link below.


*Applications may take longer to complete due to covid19 restrictions Many Tears will advise/update adopters and fosterers along the process.

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