So the last time Mr 3WD&P was bored he decided it would be a great idea to teach Willie how to speak, no this was relatively easy as Willie is a gobby westie anyway and has no trouble in sharing his opinion or what he is doing with others anyway.

Actually most people and dogs are quite taken a back on first meeting him because he is quite vocal (everything he does is accompanied by a noise.) This of course has been amplified by 100 since the husbands fantastic idea of teaching him (more like encouraging) to speak.

Thus we are all now constantly patronised and shouted at on a daily basis by his lordship. Not putting dinner out quick enough blah blah blah, not stroking his belly blah blah blah, sitting in what he considers his seat blah blah blah, he even back answers you when you tell him off.

So imagine my concern when Mr 3WD&P announced “I was bored so taught Willie a new command.” I haven’t quite made my mind up yet as to whether it’s truly horrifying or cute …

‘Smile’ is the command by the way incase you are purplexed as to what Willie is doing!

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