Pizza Wednesday…

Pizza Wednesday is a thing in our house. It goes like this…

Mr 3WD&P picks the most spicy pizza he can find and then complains that his gob is burning off all night, while Willie stares at him lovingly, hoping for a bit of stuffed crust and Tilly is usually not far behind.

The man children have their three versions of ‘just cheese’ pizza and sit around the table, often forgetting to breathe in-between slices with Ginny, Maggie at their feet ‘hoping for whoopsies’ (which never happens.)

I sit with my pepperoni pizza, accompanied by Wise Wallace, who knows he always gets a bit of cheesy crust and Toffee (the newest addition.) Toffee however, has no idea why she’s sitting next me or what is going on but she is next to Wallace and myself so is happy…

*You’ll be glad to know Willie did get his bit of stuff crust, as he always does.

What’s your pizza topping?

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