I’d really like to say that while we’ve been taking some R&R Willie has been a picture of delight, an angel of contentment and impeccably behaved – yes I’d really like to say that…

But you know I can’t because I just don’t think its possible for him to maintain such a status 😂😃🤣

Of course saying that Willie has ‘levels’ of naughtiness, that and no sign of any self control when he gets his ideas of random mischief he can cause can be interest but generally it’s within an expected ‘oh it’s just Willie’ scale.

One of which is food pinching and eating things whole, we suspect this comes from once living on the street and not having an abundance of food for a time in his life. He will happily scoff his brothers and sisters treats and meals from under thier noses if an opportunity arises (even though he knows he will get wrong), eat a multitude of sins from pavements and gardens and trembles with excited anticipation at the thought of ‘junk food’ – pizza being his favourite and isn’t shy to bin surf too…

Our first clue was not any suspicious noises, or even a trail of destruction, it was silence.

That silence where you can almost feel the guilt in the air. The bag lay as it had been, seemingly untouched, ready to go the journey outside but where were all the dogs?

It didn’t take long to find them all sitting in a circle around a writhing silent dog who was determined not to share – so much so he’d stuck his snout so far into the neck of the jar it had gotten stuck there…

So determined he was to demolish all the left over scraps on the bottom of the jar that he didn’t care. I’m not even sure that the other dogs were bothered about sharing the delights in the jar, they seemed to be enjoying the entertainment much more, sitting in their front seat row seats!

We did get the jar off Willies snout and we did let him have his way with what was left at the bottom of the jar which wasn’t much as we have teenagers after all (who a got nagged about always putting the top on empty jars and recycling properly!) and so Willie got his sneaky treat.

While we all got the delight of his peanut butter breathe for the rest of the day 🤢

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