Gotcha Day…

Happy Gotcha Day to Wallace (16 years and 10mths.) Who a year ago came to us with his brother Bing, lost, confused and in a sorry state finding themselves homeless in thier twilight years.

We never in a million years would of guessed that they would of been with us for more than a few months the state they were in but they both flourished.

Sadly, we lost Bing to old age six months in but our old bean Wallace is still going. He may have a few less teeth, poorer eyesight and hearing, and be a little bit slower but he has plenty of westietude and it seems he is still going for the long game.

Maybe it’s because he loves life, he has a full fat little belly, a bed in every room, adventures everyday (including a chariot to help when his legs get tired) and an abundance of love because we love him dearly.

But whatever it is, it’s worth it, never be afraid to look at the oldies, yes they may only be with you a short time but there is something magical and special in that. It’s true sometimes when they are older they need ‘more care’ but is that not an act of true love and they pay it back ten fold.

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