Getting the paws wet…

It’s about enjoying the little things when you are 16 years and 11 months old and are as blind as a bat, have only four teeth, fart when you sneeze and get a round of applause everytime you make it onto the sofa without help.

So today that’s just what Old Wallace did, he enjoyed the sand in his paws and followed me into the shallows of the tide. Which for Wallace can be scary as not only can he see but the wet sand underfoot moving worries him and his footing.

It always amazes me that he so willingly puts his absolute trust in me, he never goes far from me as I never do from him and we keep up a good chatter of conversation – for although he’d like you to think he is deaf, he’s not (it’s more westietude than anything) and old man hairy ears!

The other funny thing, Willie never left his side far or long either. Willie may pretend his doesn’t like his old pal (because Wallace still has his nuts unlike him) but when it matters he’s there, nudging him along because we all love Old Wallace here.


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