Leave a sleeping dog be…

Nothing strange here you may be thinking, it’s just two dogs snuggling up but actually this is very strange.

Why? Well because Lord Willie, first of his name is not a snuggler. Don’t get me wrong he loves a cuddle and can’t be a right dufus lapping up the love but bedtimes and napping have always been hard for him.

Willie has a system he can just not break out of during these times. We think it may come from living on the streets when sleeping would make him vunerable and he follows his routine to the letter.

  1. Find a corner or quiet spot with escape exits and clear views of all around.
  2. Find something to sleep under, like a blanket, box or cardboard.
  3. Curl up into a tight ball.
  4. Sleep with one eye open, ready…
  5. Bite anything that moves or touches him.

He’s not as bitey now, more rumbling thunder to warn you he’s not happy but every now and then if he’s in a deep sleep and one of the other dogs touch or snuggle up to him unawares he can nip, so image our surprise when we got this photographic evidence…

And he chose to snuggle and he stayed like this for over an hour. Could it be a moment of weakness or a shift in his rehabilitation – who knows but it is very cute!

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