Those you meet along the way…

Three White dogs and a pig has been around now for a few years and there has been many changes.

Some followers have been here from the beginning and others have joined along the way.

All rolling along with us as we ride the roller coaster of life.

And we love you all for it. Some of you gave become friends along the way, some we may never meet in person due to distance and life and some we are lucky enough to meet and share memories with.

Alison has been with us from beginning, she has watched Willie flourish, welcomed and mourned Nana Rosie, saw the arrive of many new additions come into the pack as both fosters on their way to forever homes and those who come have been lost and never left.

I’d like to say when they met the gang they were impeccably behaved, that Willie didn’t forget his manners and steal a treat, that Tilly and Ginny didn’t bark at every knat fart and Wallace didn’t nearly have a finger as he searched blindly for the treat he could smell.

And I absolutely definitely wished that Willie hadn’t dragged his bum along the grass right infront of them with a wicked smile on his face…

But we aren’t perfect, we are a pack of misfits and Alison and Mark said they’d come back for a visit again so it couldn’t have been all that bad 🤣😃😅

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