Two men and…

Our two little men couldn’t be any more opposite than they are, take mornings for instance.

We have Lord Willie, who is sauve and smarmy with his ‘love me eyes’ and ‘touch ma belly’ pout. Who also wakes up wide awake and noisy and bouncy too (to the point we throw pillows at him!)

To Sir Wallace, who is a one eye open, it’s still light guy, douse me with blankets, kiss my nose and leave me until noon (or feeding time) dude.

Polar opposites but both adored and loved dearly (although Willie can push the limits on occasions.)

For instance; yesterday’s photo – they were innocent – Willie had scoffed his tea and in the ten seconds we turned our backs scoffed Ginny and Toffees tea too (little s**t that he is) but don’t worry Toffee and Ginny didn’t starve, they had a lovely tea too while Willie snored on the sofa, unable to move because he was so full 🙄🤣🙄

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