Baby Steps…

Somebody wants their breakfast NOW apparently and served to them upon the table like people!

Look at her as she patiently awaits to be waited upon (hoping for people food probably) full of air and graces.

But how can we be mad, out of all our dogs Tilly is the one who has the most difficult journey emotionally, her progress is small and in tiny steps but are huge to her and breakfast it no different.

She has gone from hiding, to stealing mouthfuls off the floor and running away.

To having to be handfed (she was scared of her bowls) alone in a room, to slowly being introduced to eating with the pack one at a time.

To trusting us enough to take treat and eat them (even next to us.)

To now enjoying and asking for food – even demanding table service.

From skin and bone to now 2kg heavier she has a pot belly and a beautiful smile at meal times, so yes she can have some people food as a treat (eggs) but I don’t think we will start the habit of eating at the table though 🤔🤣😁😆

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