‘Cuddle Monster’

This is the boy who was ‘unhomeable’ who couldn’t be rehabilitated. Who was on his last chance.

Not allowed around children or other dogs, who carried red dangerous dog warning alerts on all his vet and behaviour notes.

Who was dumped on the streets, failed by humanity, hungry, scared and abused – who would never recover or trust again…

Who is now known as ‘the cuddle monster’ here. It has been a journey, there have been moments of heart breaks, battles of will and hard learning curves for this little man.

The outcome, he is a well rounded, friendly family pet. Who goes up to every visitor with confidence (but god help any burglar.)

He’s Gobby and sometimes misunderstood for that and has table manners like a caveman on crack (food is life.)

But also a perfect example that everyone needs a chance ❤️


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