Welcome to Three White dogs and a Pig. This blog has been created to connect West Highland lovers from around the world to share photos and stories of their lovable furry friends.

It originally began with my love of my own dog Maggie and my cat Pig (yes our cat is called Pig) and expanded to two more surprise editions in the form of Willie & Rosie, who we adopted from a local rescue charity who we volunteered/volunteer for at the time.

The rules are simple be nice, be dog!

we hope you enjoy our blog, our photographs and our stories and we look forward to meeting your four legged loves and hearing of their adventures too.

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So it all started about 5 years ago, when this little huddle of fluff arrived, now this ball of cuteness started off as an Olivia but we quickly noticed that she was actually a he. This threw up abit as we had not thought of any boy names and we certainly went through a few in the following week with names like Oscar and Hiratio but non of them ever seemed right. Well that was until one day as he was eating like a ravenous starved stray and both me and my husband looked at each other at the same moment and announced 'Pig'… So yes we have a cat called Pig, great isn't it and hes now coming up to five years old. He is definately a character, living up his name, with the most enormous, beautiful tail you have ever seen. He also trys to sits at the table at meals times with his people, waiting patiently for his people food 😎 🐈💜🐈💜🐈💜🐈💜🐈💜🐈💜🐈💜🐈💜🐈💜

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