Many Tears Pupdate.

We like to keep In-touch with our former foster dogs throughout thier journey in thier forever homes and lockdown has been no difference. We try not to intrude too much but I do love a Pupdate so I thought I share some recent photographs of our Many Tears fosters living life with thier new families ❤️❤️


It’s not everyday I get to do the Heimlich Manoeuvre before 10am on my dog and I suppose you can also easily guess which buffoon I’m talking about…

Willie of course, who has woken up with a streak of naughtiness running through him. Who decided to snatch a unbroken up treat from my hand (and swallow it whole without chewing.)

I don’t know what was more amazing the speed and ferocity of the treat as he coughed it up across the kitchen or the speed of Willie as he then tried to dash across the kitchen to eat the said treat again!

It’s gonna be one of those days I think…


Old Wallace has decided that today is a jumper day.

He tolerated the groomers presence on Saturday.

He weathered the weather for days, drizzle, sun and breeze galore.

He braved the garden ‘naked’ for his morning constitutional and…

Abruptly decided enough was enough, the door step would only be passed today for the purpose of essential care and that he wanted his blankie and jumper.

Thus he now adorns his fisherman’s Woolley jumper and awaits his hoomans to serve his ‘num nums’ so he can get back to his second sleep of the morning.

He has, however, decided to gift you a boop.

Boop Boop.

Sweet Valentine…

Who remembers sweet Valentine?

Well can you believe it’s her first Gotcha Ya Day in her forever home – a whole year has passed already, wow.

We keep in contact with Valentine and her mummy and she is doing great and have even adopted a baby sister (of the canine variety) who Valentine loves very much.

Happy first Gotcha Day Valentine, the first of many more beautiful girl 🐾❤️🐾❤️🐾❤️🐾


We find here we have two types of men.

We have the night owl and storm trooper Willie, who likes to patrol and pace and bark at the slightest thing (especially on a nighttime.) Who wears his little man syndrome like a medal of great pride and exumes the manliest man-ness at every bottom putting bark and bounce, thus him successfully tricking many passer bys that he is a ten stone rottweiler rather than a short, white cloud of westie.

Then we have the big chunky guy, who is the more live and let live. Who lives his life by the sacred rules of if you can sleep for the light or the noise just put you head under the blanket. The dog that is more concerned about his nose getting cold than any may-be burglars or murderers.

Polar opposites you may say; Lord of Thunder and Lord of Slumber😅😃😂

The Surprise Outing…

Little Ginny is feeling quite sorry for herself this morning having had a surprise visit to the vets.

She is sporting a very trendy zebra printed bandage though, although she does not seem to think this is an upside and is going for the sympathy vote wherever an opportunity arises.

The rest of the gang, well of course being the nebby noses they are, are both intrigued by her new fashion accessory and a little bit jealous too.

However, I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t trade places with her – catching her dew claw was a tad painful and very traumatic for wee Ginny and not something she will be keen to do again …

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