Leave a sleeping dog be…

Nothing strange here you may be thinking, it’s just two dogs snuggling up but actually this is very strange.

Why? Well because Lord Willie, first of his name is not a snuggler. Don’t get me wrong he loves a cuddle and can’t be a right dufus lapping up the love but bedtimes and napping have always been hard for him.

Willie has a system he can just not break out of during these times. We think it may come from living on the streets when sleeping would make him vunerable and he follows his routine to the letter.

  1. Find a corner or quiet spot with escape exits and clear views of all around.
  2. Find something to sleep under, like a blanket, box or cardboard.
  3. Curl up into a tight ball.
  4. Sleep with one eye open, ready…
  5. Bite anything that moves or touches him.

He’s not as bitey now, more rumbling thunder to warn you he’s not happy but every now and then if he’s in a deep sleep and one of the other dogs touch or snuggle up to him unawares he can nip, so image our surprise when we got this photographic evidence…

And he chose to snuggle and he stayed like this for over an hour. Could it be a moment of weakness or a shift in his rehabilitation – who knows but it is very cute!


Happy Gotcha Day 🐾🐾

Who remembers Honey (MT Poppy) the Shihzu?

She is the kinda dog who always makes you laugh and she certainly makes her forever family laugh every day and now has a younger fur sister (see photo.)

Well today is her year Gotcha Day, what a lucky girl (and a lucky forever family.) Have a great day Honey, we miss you and look forward to your pupdates ❤️🐾❤️🐾❤️🐾


Lord Willie, first of his name, god of thunder, commander of mischief isn’t having the best of weeks.

Yes, he does bring alot of trouble to his own door as they say, as he boulders in head first, never thinks of consequences and uses his head (phyiscally, as a battering ram) rather than his brain!

But his week has been peppered with joyful evening trips to the beach, off set with toothache, antibiotics bellies and last but not least a sting to the bum.

It’s safe to say he’s ready for this week to go by and maybe next week he won’t be so keen to roll on that bumblebee on the grass…

Getting the paws wet…

It’s about enjoying the little things when you are 16 years and 11 months old and are as blind as a bat, have only four teeth, fart when you sneeze and get a round of applause everytime you make it onto the sofa without help.

So today that’s just what Old Wallace did, he enjoyed the sand in his paws and followed me into the shallows of the tide. Which for Wallace can be scary as not only can he see but the wet sand underfoot moving worries him and his footing.

It always amazes me that he so willingly puts his absolute trust in me, he never goes far from me as I never do from him and we keep up a good chatter of conversation – for although he’d like you to think he is deaf, he’s not (it’s more westietude than anything) and old man hairy ears!

The other funny thing, Willie never left his side far or long either. Willie may pretend his doesn’t like his old pal (because Wallace still has his nuts unlike him) but when it matters he’s there, nudging him along because we all love Old Wallace here.



A little yellow buttercup
Stood laughing in the sun;
The grass all green around it.

The summer just begun;
Its saucy little head abrim
With happiness and fun.

Bestest Present Ever!

I think it’s safe to say Old Wallace has enjoyed his Gotcha Day celebrations with a three foot long vension sausage all to himself being his bestest present ever!

Gotcha Day…

Happy Gotcha Day to Wallace (16 years and 10mths.) Who a year ago came to us with his brother Bing, lost, confused and in a sorry state finding themselves homeless in thier twilight years.

We never in a million years would of guessed that they would of been with us for more than a few months the state they were in but they both flourished.

Sadly, we lost Bing to old age six months in but our old bean Wallace is still going. He may have a few less teeth, poorer eyesight and hearing, and be a little bit slower but he has plenty of westietude and it seems he is still going for the long game.

Maybe it’s because he loves life, he has a full fat little belly, a bed in every room, adventures everyday (including a chariot to help when his legs get tired) and an abundance of love because we love him dearly.

But whatever it is, it’s worth it, never be afraid to look at the oldies, yes they may only be with you a short time but there is something magical and special in that. It’s true sometimes when they are older they need ‘more care’ but is that not an act of true love and they pay it back ten fold.

The wrong end…

One of the dogs is not quite as bright as the others, as the birds tweet happily in the garden the dogs delight, watching with anticipation.

Well most of them…

One hasn’t realised it’s facing the wrong end out of the window. Can you guess who it might be?


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