So the last time Mr 3WD&P was bored he decided it would be a great idea to teach Willie how to speak, no this was relatively easy as Willie is a gobby westie anyway and has no trouble in sharing his opinion or what he is doing with others anyway.

Actually most people and dogs are quite taken a back on first meeting him because he is quite vocal (everything he does is accompanied by a noise.) This of course has been amplified by 100 since the husbands fantastic idea of teaching him (more like encouraging) to speak.

Thus we are all now constantly patronised and shouted at on a daily basis by his lordship. Not putting dinner out quick enough blah blah blah, not stroking his belly blah blah blah, sitting in what he considers his seat blah blah blah, he even back answers you when you tell him off.

So imagine my concern when Mr 3WD&P announced “I was bored so taught Willie a new command.” I haven’t quite made my mind up yet as to whether it’s truly horrifying or cute …

‘Smile’ is the command by the way incase you are purplexed as to what Willie is doing!

Forever Yours…

Whoohoo three times is a good un.

Jamima (now Poppy) has been adopted and has her very own forever family just as she deserves.

We will miss her wagging bum and happy smiles, for she was a character and made us smile everyday.

Onwards and upward beautiful xxx

Put that tongue away missus…

Reserved pending a meet and greet

I’d like to say Jamima is just as excited about her harness and going for a walk as she is that her Reserved status is now not only secure but has ticked all the home check boxes…

However, Jamima is still at war between the stubborn Westietude of wanting to do what she wants to do, rather than being led by a harness and lead.

That being said you cannot be cross with her because she is so funny and full of character as she puts the brakes on plonks her bottom down and trys to ignore you – sadly her belly can’t ignore the treats!

You can see the westietude on her too if you look closely enough – that’s her tongue she’s sticking out at me!

Fingers, toes and paws crossed for her up coming meet and greet people’s – three’s a charm right?


Be like Maggie…

Maggie listened to the Prime Minister.

Maggie is self isolating.

Maggie is smart.

Be like Maggie.



I am devastated for this little girl who has now become available again for adoption. Jemima is a lovely little girl who has a constantly wagging tail. She loves being outside in the garden, playing, eating and sleeping (usually right next to you.)

In the morning she is the first one there to dance about at your feet and shower you for kisses as she is just so happy to see you. She gives you a right old woof too if you stroke one of the other dogs more than her!

However, food it her secret weapon. Jamima loves her scran and it not only will be the way to her heart but her training too. Jamima is a fast learner where toilet training is concerned and can go all night without accidents and during the day she is happy to plod on out side for her toilets so we are not worried there at all!

Leader training is still very new. Jamima wears a harness and has not yet decided if she wants to be friends with it yet. Out on walks Jemima is still very overwhelmed with the new smells and sights and being a westie can be a bit stubborn when she has decided she doesn’t want to go a certain way or just doesn’t want to walk anymore (Westietude in its finest) but as her confidence grows she will learn to love her adventures outside of the garden just as much as in the garden.

Jamima is in foster in Cramlington Northumberland for more information or to fill out an application form click on the link below.


*Applications may take longer to complete due to covid19 restrictions Many Tears will advise/update adopters and fosterers along the process.

Sweet as Toffee…

We’ve been naughty, we didn’t get one but two foster dogs on our last run, however I only advertised one.

Firstly, because Toffee (was MT Nessa) was so shut down and scared compared to our other foster dog that we felt she was just not ready.

We also noticed very quickly that when she did begin to engage she would only engage with one person. This in turn made for the start of a beautiful relationship and love Blossomed.

We have had a good few foster dogs over the years both with Many Tears and other rescues and all of them are beautiful and special but every once (or twice) in a while there is one that just looks right into your soul and you just know that their heart belongs to you.

Toffee is part of my soul and will never again know hurt or heart ache – Happy Gotcha Day Toffee and thank you so much Many Tears for this little girl because without you she would not be here with us today xxx

My week in Review…

My week in review…

• Saturday – default sleep in to take number two manchild to RVI burns clinic. Leave house early to catch bus to stand at bus stop in freezing cold for an hour because it didn’t turn up.

When the bus did eventually turn up instantly regretted decision to take public transport and spent rest of the journey trying to avoid the ‘public’ things like; handrails, tickets, chewing gum under seats and people.

This continued into the hospital where we both wisely sat at the back of the waiting room with our back against the walls and all the other patients facing away from us (pretty good tactics I thought! ) That was until the preferbial alcoholic turned up, demanding to know why he wasn’t being taking in for his appointment (which was 45 minutes ago when Jackie who he knows from the pub went before him but her appointment time was after his, even though one appointment was with the nurse and the other with the doctor.) Funnily enough after several boisterous complaints he was taken next making the clinic run over by 90 minutes.

Of course the loud complaining man was replaced with the ‘coughing lady’ wearing a mask – oh the joys. On the upside I got my gore fix watching my son getting his burns treated and off we trotted to Primark – mistake number two.

Packed was an understatement (why is Primark always packed no matter when you go?) I would like to say we went straight home after that but we had to detour to boots for some bandages and stuff to redress my son’s ‘new’ dressings that where peeling by the second – this in turn cost me an arm and a leg not just for the medical supplies but for the £9 milkshake my manchild “needed to help him cope with the stresses of the day.” In hindsight I should have made him pay as

  1. He’s an adult
  2. He works and
  3. I should be more savuae to his sneaky escapades by now but I was more interested in surviving a second trip home in the death incubator ‘called a bus’ as I calculated the odds of being ill with something by the end of the week…

• Sunday – woke up feeling quite pleased with myself, a productive day was had yesterday. Planned to clean house and enjoy some me time when husband left to pick foster dogs up. In reality I sat on my arse most of the day with my dressing gown on and complained that I was ‘cold’.

• Monday – woke up with a headache and runny nose – f**king typical…

• Tuesday – woke up like the dead rising after hearing the suspicious sound of poop bombshells being dropped in the house -on investigation non was to be found -suspicious in itself.

One of the dogs is licking it’s lips like it’s just ate something tasty though – must tell Mr 3WD&P not to do kisses with the dogs…

• Wednesday – forgot to tell Mr 3WD&P about kisses – too late now. Have full blown cold, headache, glands, blocked ears, snot (lots of snot) and just when everybody is super Corona sensitive. I can’t even smell Willie’s fart and I know it’s a good one because all the dogs have left the room apart from him …

• Thursday – beaten. The cold has consumed me, moving onto my chest. It’s time to hibernate and I’m taking my people with me. I the knew public transport was a bad idea. The world has gone mad.

• Friday – 3am and I’m writing this post, having a house full of snotty manchildren (and a grandson) Willie has decided he too wants to be part of the gang. It’s amazing how quick you can wake up and dive into action when you hear a dog wretching on the carpet isn’t it.

Willie is taking it to new lengths tonight, frothing at the mouth while making a musical symphony from wretching and consequtive fart noises as he evacuates all the grass from the garden he has ate from his body – four hours later, twelve nursery rhymes, a dose of metacam and his daddy he eventually settles and goes back to sleep – just as we are getting up. Just f**king typical!!

Next week has got to be better surely?

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