The Ginster…

Happy Second birthday to Ginny.

Our little odd bod – also known lovingly as the creep.

May she always be weird and freak people out.

We love you weirdo 😂😅🤣

Dog couch…

Some people have a dog house.

We have a dog couch 🤣😅😂

Dog number 7 is sitting on my knee on the other couch lol

Waking the dead…

When you have to wake the dog up suddenly because they are so quiet you think they are dead 藍

I think Ginny was in a deep sleep don’t you..


I am always amazed at the resilience of our many tears foster dogs…

Day two and Edie and Talcum Powder have had a wee bath (because they were a bit pongy.) Both girls were amazing brave and calm. Such a pleasure to bathe but it must have worn them out as we now have two sleepy (sweet smelling girls) but then that could also be due to a treat it two in their bellies from being such good girls.

These girls are in the Northumberland/Newcastle area and are looking for their forever family if you think this could be you just click on the links below.

Talcum powder



Edie is a three year old Bichon Frise and was beginning to become lost in the rescue kennels, she is still a little bewildered with this strange new set up called ‘a home’ but that is not surprising considering she only came into foster with us yesterday.

She is a timid wee soul and is a little worry bee and is not quite sure what she is supposed to be doing so follows the direction of the other dogs in the house.

Edie needs a quiet, calm home with a relaxed dog friend to help her. She will let people stroke her and pick her up but sometimes finds things overwhelming and gets a little scared.

However, she is very food orientated and wants to be stroked and touched when the other dogs are being fussed, both these qualities suggest that with time, love and patience Edie can and will adjust given the chance.

If you think you are the one for Edie, click on the link below, she is just waiting for someone to fall in love with.

Edie is in foster in the Northumberland/Newcastle area.

Talcum Powder

We have a new visitor (or two) at the 3WD&P Retreat. Talcum Powder arrived in foster with us yesterday. She is a five year old Yorkshire Terrier. She is spayed, vaccinated, wormed, flea’d and microchipped.

She is learning about living in a home and is currently working on her toilet training a walking on her leader skills. Even though she has only been here a short time we can see this little girl if full of character and has the most beautiful colouribg. She is still hand shy but wants to be around you and wants so very much to loved.

She will approach you for a sniff and let you stroke her and even pick her up and we have no doubt as her confidence grows she will flourish into a beautiful little dog for that special person.

If you think you could be that person for this gorgeous little girl click on the link below and fill in a application – I can guarantee you will fall in love with this little poppet the moment you meet her.

Talcum Powder is in Foster in the Northumberland/Newcastle area.

Thank you.

Yesterday was four years since my mum left us to be an angel. Four years ago I got my first westie, Willie arrived a year later and three years ago Three White dogs and a Pig was created. It is has made its entrance on twitter, Instagram and wordpress. We are not the hugest group/page but it’s never been about numbers for us, our friends (you) have been with us during laughter and tears and have changed and grew with us as we have.

We have continued to foster dogs along the way gaining us the nickname of name of ‘The Retreat’ as more lost souls have come into our care on their way to forever homes.

We have tried wherever possible to support those who we can by fostering, buying from fundraising auctions and giving donations but also endeavoured to be meek. We do what we can and what feels right. We are not heros or attention seekers, we just want to make a difference to that one dog, one at a time but we could not do it without you.

Life is not perfect, it is messy. Mental health is all around us, as is animal cruelty and plethora of other horrific events. If we can find a smile in reading one of our funny posts, a feeling of normality (no such thing as normal) or comfort and compassion together, we are doing okay.
Our posts may not be daily or super exciting all the time but we are here.

Nana Rosie
Papa Wallace
Mr 3WD&P
And of course me (the mad dog lady)

Divas at the ready…

Willie (front) and Wallace (back).

Can you caption this photograph?

I’ll start…

Willie – ‘Mummy, touch me, touch me, love me and stroke me.’

Wallace – ‘ don’t you dare Mummy, I is your boy!’

Nothing like a little jealously to bring out the divas 🤣😅😂

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