Gin Gin…

🐾Happy Gotcha Day🐾

It’s Ginny’s 2nd Gotcha day, two years ago she came to us at six months old as a temporary foster due to a relationship break up where neither party wanted her.

She had been crated due to her owners both working full time and was a wild thing with no socialisation. She ate, drank, toileted and slept in her crate.

Being a very high energy dog, she was like a wound up spring, even the simplest things like introducing bowls to feeding time was interesting.

Ginny struggled at first, doing everything at impulse, she was also a runner with no recall, a furniture climber and a nervous tiddler. Generally a confused little girl.

With the help of the pack, she found her paws as they say. She’s a naughty wee thing (and Willies prodigy) but the most loving and caring dog, although a bit creepy with it (if you’ve met her, you know what we mean!)

Where Maggie introduces manners and expectations, Ginny takes all the waifs and strays that have been through our door and shows them fun, she breaks the ice.

We are so proud of how far she has come, she’ll never be a goodie two shoes but we love her and her naughty little streaks very much!

🐾Happy 2nd Gotcha Day🐾


Autumn is my favourite time of year.

I love the colours and the temperature is not too warm or too hot but just the right temperature for relaxing strolls.

Wallaces strolls are not as long or as physical as they once were but more of ‘catching up with the local news feed’ walk.

He potters at his own pace to every tree trunk and upturns every leaf, listening to their crunch under paw as he goes.

A ten minute walk, happily stretched out to a Wallace pace walk of thirty to forty minutes (and he loves every moment of it too!)


Awh, doesn’t she look cute and innocent.

A little bundle of love, fluff and happiness.

Who wouldn’t love being greeted by that face in the morning…

Well, It certainly made a teacher’s morning as she rolled up to work in her car to find the road blocked with Toffee sitting in the middle of it – totally oblivious to her predicament.

Toffee quite happily greeted the teacher and allowed her to escort her back home into the safety of garden. Not understanding what all the fuss was about.

Us, we were in the house having breakfast with the rest of the pack, unaware of a missing canine having miscounted them on the way in!


You’ve gotta to be kidding…

This is the face of somebody got got nibbled on in the field during his walk yesterday.

The somebody who chewed and licked and made his skin sore.

Who wouldn’t leave it alone.

Who has to wear his ‘sisters’ mermaid pyjamas (complete with a sewn on bow.)

Who looks both ever so cute but also a bit ridiculous.

Lord Willie first of his name is most definitely not happy about his situation today …

Oh dear!


Rain? What rain?

Yep, so it’s raining today and this is the only way I can encourage mine to go out for toilet breaks (by physically picking them up and closing the door behind them.)

As you can see this course of action is neither popular or working it seems…


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