Follow the Leader…

When the oldie decides to lead the walk and trots confidently up front with a skip in his step and the younger ones follow on unsuspecting and innocent.You would think at one point they would all click onto the fact that they had gone off track and in the wrong direction.Could it be the fact they were in a foot deep in the sludge and mud or maybe the thorn bush tangling in manes and fur would be the tell tale…Either way we watched in amusement as one by one led by old Wallace (in the wrong direction) they disappeared, head first, body following leaving only a westie bottom to feast our eyes upon.Time to buy Wallace a compass and map I think 😂😅🤣

Quick put the phone down…

Following the loss of Bing we have watched Papa Wallace like a hawk, checking he doesn’t lose appetites and start mooching sadly around the house, given extra cuddles (and extra treats) left Bings Blankets and belongings around unwashed and still Bing scented and tended to his every whim.

The gang has equally rallied around him, if he isn’t snuggling in with us he is usually sleeping amongst a dog pile with Maggie and Ginny (usually at the bottom of this pile , hogging all the heat which is always Willie free because let’s face it Willie is a grump.)

So imagine our horror (four paws and two legs) a few nights ago when Wallace suddenly became distressed and began pacing and howling – very obviously in pain. We walked him around the garden, did full body check for any hurties, watched his breathing and cradled him in our arms to sing softly to him, resigned to the fact that this may be his time (while frantically trying to get through to the vet.)

Thankfully, we were saved from the humiliation of the vet answering our distress call and us sounding like complete twerps because as quickly as he had become distressed and unwell he miraculous recovered and carried on with his evening happily.

But not before he let off a rip roaring fart that would put hairs on your chest and put the bog of stench from the labyrinth film to shame – he had trapped wind – quickly we slammed the phone down on the vet before they could answer or worse hear Wallace’s rip, roaring fart…


Your dog…

What is that smell Mr 3WD&P bellowed as he entered the house holding his hand firmly over his nose as his eyes began to water. It smells like… oh my god that’s rotten, who is that he accused as he looked about his feet.But no-one was lopping around his ankles or jumping up gleefully to greet him home the hallway was bare with nobody there.Not a soul did he see upon the couch or a tail wag in the kitchen but when he stumbled upon the feather down and coil spring bed there he found three wee heads.Sad and solemn they did look with a bit of worry on thier brow, don’t tell us off, we don’t smell. We were the ones that did as we were told, we didn’t go down any holes!Mr 3WD&P rolled his eyes, the dog that was missing would of course be his guy. So he followed the smell until he heard the commotion.There in the bath was the wild child you see, covered in s**t everywhere you could see. It was up on the ceiling and splashed on the walls, even the missus was up to her ears as Willie ran round taking the biscuit.Right at this point a snigger did come, right out his mouth as he watched all the fun. To which the reply came…”Your dog is a d**k and smells of fox poo and s**t don’t stand there and laugh, get him in the bloody bath!”

Keeping up with the young uns…

Thank you for all your wishes of love for Bing and your concerns for Wallace’s transition to being without him. Being part of the pack has really helped Wallace, he still sniffs Bings blankets and bed but then it’s still early days.Wallace still has a good appetite (he’s put on over 1kg) and flew through his medical at the vets this week. He does have an ulcer (external) but it doesn’t seem to bother him in the slightest, so has been prescribed cream for this. He is the most loving boy ever but also a contankerous old sod and shows no sigh of slowing down.He keeps up with the young ones no bother, leaping on couches, doing zoomies around the garden, jumping on his back legs for treats and running in the field – he’s come a long way from the tottering old bloke who arrived with wobbly legs.I hope you enjoy watching this short video clip as much as we loved filming it and I hope you smile with as much pride as we did. Happy 2020 ❤️❤️❤️

Just for fun…

Thought I’d jump on the bandwagon – The 10 year Challenge – you’re welcome 🤣😅😂

I just get better with age 😇

By the light of the moon you took my heart…

‘I see the moon the moon sees me
Down through the leaves of the old oak tree
Please let the light that shines on me
Shine on the one I love.’Star gazers.We have only had the pleasure of Bings company for six months following the passing of his elderly owner in hospital. He arrived with his brother (from a different mother) Wallace as end of life fosters, meaning they would live with us as part of the family/pack until thier time.On collecting these old boys (15/16) we were met with two tired, worse for wear dogs, which both had one paw in the grave. We would also silently agree through a single look that Wallace would not be for this world long and Bing would pine away after him.How wrong we were. Bing and Wallace went from strength to strength. Quickly joining in with the pack as they regained health. During this journey and in more recent weeks we saw where Wallace found a youthful step, Bing slowed down. Wallace gained weight and Bing became as light as a feather.Old age was slowly stealing our beloved Bing from us. Bing was the quiet one of the pack, happy to be on the sidelines. He was the one who never left your heel on a walk and was the first to step forward to greet new people. He was the packs calm in a stormy sea, cool, collected and quietly confident. His will be a miss.There is a small grace in having a pack and a greater one that Wallace and Bing are an integral part of the pack. Wallace will not grieve alone for Bing, he will have the pack to grieve with, to cuddle with and to take comfort from.We loved you from the moment we held you Bing and we will forever hold you in the walls of our heart, run free where age cannot hold you, until we meet again.Bing 2005-2019

Thank you for the nudge…

Being Full of the cold and germs makes for a low grumpy mood here to start off with this holiday break but add the worry of the husband recovering from a mini stroke and having to watching our old boy Bing slowly deteriorate as old age takes him a little more each day can make it sometimes hard to see what is good in life at times.

Then you get a little video of one of your foster dogs a week into thier new home, no longer shut down but loved and blossoming with it. Miss Davies we miss you and this video from your mum made me cry but not sad crying, happy crying. For there is always some light in the darkness reminding you it’s not all bad.

Everyday is a blessing, just today was a harder one to chew on ❤️❤️❤️

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